About The Project

This is our first year homeschooling The Sisters, ages 11 1/2 and 7, and we are loving the adventure! In addition to math, language arts, reading, science, history, and all the other subjects, The Sisters have started this bake sale project, which will reinforce math skills (through reading recipes, calculating cost, and exchanging money), and important life skills like baking, working together and teamwork, following through with commitments, organization, basic bookkeeping, and interacting with people they may not know in a safe environment. The money they raise through this project will directly benefit their homeschool by going towards the purchase of supplies, curriculum, supplemental programs, and field trips.

For the purposes of this project, bake sale items are Thank You gifts for you for your donation to their fundraiser. Also, please plan on paying with cash so they are able to practice exchanging money.

Every week The Sisters' Bake Sale Fundraiser Shop offers delicious Cinnamon Crumb Cake and Double Chocolate Bread. They also offer specials and limited-time flavors of breads, so be sure to register with your email address to receive announcements and updates!

The crumb cakes and breads are baked each Friday morning, and are available for pickup by 3:00 p.m. that afternoon. Delivery Friday evening may be available to areas in Eagle Mountain, Lehi, Saratoga Springs, and Herriman for an additional charge.

Thank you for supporting The Sisters in their adventure!